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‘Worrying’: Islamophobic Incidents Hit Record High in Austria, Report Says

IQNA – A report released on Monday by the Documentation Centre on Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim Racism reveals a record increase in Islamophobic incidents in Austria, the highest since records began in 2015.
Venezuelan President Slams US, EU’s ‘Genocidal Silence’
IQNA – The president of Venezuela denounced the United States and Europe for doing nothing to stop Israel’s “horrific” massacre of Palestinians.
19:06 , 2024 May 29
Sweden: Investigation Underway After Dead Boar Thrown at Mosque
IQNA – Swedish authorities are conducting a hate crime investigation following the discovery of a dead boar at a mosque in southern Sweden.
17:02 , 2024 May 29
Rafah ‘Safe Zone’ Massacre Exposes Israel’s Brutality, Washington’s Complicity
IQNA – The recent massacre of Palestinian civilians in a so-called “safe zone” in Gaza further exposes the Israeli regime’s “genocidal brutality” and the US government’s complicity in the genocide.
14:36 , 2024 May 29
DC Protestors Demand End to US Gov’t’s Support for Israeli Atrocities in Gaza
IQNA – A rally was held in front of the White House in the US capital on Tuesday with hundreds of protesters gathered to condemn Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza and its latest atrocity of Rafah.
08:59 , 2024 May 29
Emergency Door Failure Didn't Add to Deaths, Christchurch Mosque Shooting Survivor Says
IQNA – The failure of the main prayer room’s emergency exit door at the Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, did not contribute to the number of lives lost in the massacre, a survivor said.
18:15 , 2024 May 28
Ottawa Muslims Speak Out Amid Rising Hate
IQNA – Muslims in Ottawa share their experiences of facing hate speech especially since the start of Israeli aggression on Gaza on October 7, CBC News reports.
12:38 , 2024 May 28
Rafah Massacre: Israeli Airstrikes Kill at Least 40 Displaced Palestinians
IQNA – Israeli strikes on Sunday night targeted a center for the displaced near Rafah, killing at least 40 Palestinians and leaving dozens more injured.
09:47 , 2024 May 27
Pro-Palestinian Protesters Boo German FM over Support for Israel
IQNA – Pro-Palestinian protesters booed and jeered German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock over Berlin’s support for Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza.
09:28 , 2024 May 28
Paris Grand Mosque Chief Calls for Punishing Far-Right by Taking Part in Elections
IQNA – The dean of the Paris Grand Mosque urged the country’s Muslim community to take part in the upcoming elections for the European Parliament.
13:40 , 2024 May 27
Minneapolis: Muslim Community ‘On Edge’ Following Hit-and-Run Attack
IQNA – Muslim community members are voicing their fears of further violence in the wake of an alleged hit-and-run incident in a Minneapolis mosque's parking lot.
11:30 , 2024 May 26
Mosque Collapse in Nigeria Kills At Least Three Worshippers
IQNA – A mosque collapsed in the Papa Ajao area of Mushin, Lagos State of Nigeria, on Sunday, killing three people and wounding several others.
09:16 , 2024 May 27
Pakistani Cleric Remembers Late Iranian President’s Defence of Quran at UN
IQNA – A Pakistani cleric pointed to late Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s defense of the Holy Quran at the UN and described it as exemplary in defending Islamic sanctities.
19:33 , 2024 May 26